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Infinite® F50 和 Infinite F50 Robotic

可靠 经过验证 结构紧凑

Infinite F50 和 Infinite F50 Robotic 酶标仪是 Tecan 可靠、经过验证且结构紧凑的光吸收酶标仪家族的一员,可用于 ELISA 实验。利用新型 8 通道光吸收和 LED 技术,他们能快速准确地提供光度测量。

与 Magellan™ 阅读控制和数据分析软件一起,这些酶标仪是进行多种 ELISA 应用的理想选择。

Infinite F50 和 Infinite F50 Robotic 酶标仪与 Magellan 数据分析软件一起,是进行 ELISA 光学测量以及在 400—750nm 波长范围内进行动力学分析的最佳解决方案。该系统的新型设计将 8 测量通道和寿命期长的 LED 灯结合起来,加快了并行阅读并降低了维护费用。

Infinite F50


  • The innovative design – using LED technology – enables unprecedented compactness, with a footprint of about four microplates
  • The compact Infinite F50 fits into any lab, saving valuable bench space

Infinite F50 Robotic


  • Dedicated, ultra-compact design optimized for integration with automated platforms
  • Saves valuable space on the worktable
  • Reader-operated front door for easy plate loading
  • The reader’s housing can be partially removed during set-up, providing full access to the plate carrier for more straightforward teaching of the robotic arm
  • Ready for integration onto Tecan’s Freedom® EVO and Fluent® platforms


  • 适用于基于吸光度的 ELISA、动力学和多标记阅读
  • 能使用 Magellan 数据分析软件进行定质和定量数据分析
  • 支持所有的重要曲线配件
  • 数据可导出至LIS(实验室信息管理系统)
  • Magellan 的样品文件和教程让您轻松入门
  • 包括 405、450 和 620nm 过滤器
  • 8 通道光吸收可快速阅读
  • 参比通道有助于优化光强度
  • 长寿命 LED 光源提供的免维护操作是传统的卤素光源十倍之多
  • 光源更换已成过去时,这样可以帮助省钱
  • 2 年保修期并且超过100,000块微孔板测试合格
  • 直线型微孔板振荡
  • 符合 IVDD 98/79 EC 以及RoHS 2011/65/EU 指令
  • 通过 Magellan 追踪软件提供 FDA 《联邦法规 21 章》第11款监管环境下的功能
  • MultiCheck™ QC 微孔板用于 IQOQ


Infinite® F50 和 Infinite F50 Robotic 酶标仪绿色创新技术—绿色环保,节能省钱!


Long-life LED lamps

The Infinite F50 and Infinite F50 Robotic plate readers use innovative, long­life LED lamps, providing several advantages compared to conventional halogen lamps

  • LED lamp offers 10 times longer maintenance-free operation
  • Lamp changes are a thing of the past
  • Helps to save money by cutting maintenance costs
  • 50 % lower power consumption compared to typical ELISA readers
  • Electricity and time are not wasted waiting for the lamp to warm-up – just switch on and start reading
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Ready for RoHS

Infinite F50 and Infinite F50 Robotic microplate readers are designed to meet the European directive 2011/65/EU for the reduction of hazardous substances, as well as China RoHS.

Compact design increases efficiency

The Infinite F50 and Infinite F50 Robotic plate readers’ advanced design and high quality components make it possible to combine excellent performance and low weight.

The small size and low weight increase transport efficiency and help to lower CO2 emissions compared to conventional ELISA readers, which are typically less compact.

Magellan™ 软件

Infinite® F50 和 Infinite F50 Robotic 酶标仪,和Magellan阅读控制和数据分析软件,是进行多种ELISA应用的理想方案。


Powerful data analysis

Magellan software is ready to analyze your ELISAs, delivering the following key functionalities

  • Qualitative and quantitative data analysis
  • Supports all major curve fittings, including:
    - Point-to-point
    - Linear and non-linear regression
    - Polynomial fits
    - Logit-log
    - Four- and five parameter fits
  • QC functions, such as Levy-Jennings graphs for trending of standards and controls


The Magellan software is designed for intuitive operation. Highlights include

  • Available in nine languages
    - English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese and Japanese
  • Wizard-based user interface guides the operator through the workflow step-by-step
  • Example files of typical ELISAs included
  • Tutorials to get you started easily


The Infinite F50 and Infinite F50 Robotic plate readers, as well as the Magellan software, have been designed, tested, verified and validated according to ISO 13485 quality system standards

Together with the Magellan Tracker software, the Infinite F50 and Infinite F50 Robotic plate readers are designed to meet the IVD directive 98/79/EC and FDA 21 CFR Part 11 functionality

LIS 选项


它能将数据自动传输到 Magellan 软件并能以 ASCII和ASTM 格式导出至您的实验室信息管理系统。


Infinite® F50 和 Infinite F50 Robotic 的标准过滤器配置可以在405、450、492 和 620nm 时进行光吸收测量。


MultiCheck™ 质检包及IQOQ服务

Infinite F50 和 Infinite F50 Robotic 酶标仪的MultiCheck多功能质检包为验证并记录不同时间设备功能的可靠性提供了一种快捷而简便的方法。

The MultiCheck QC package provides an appropriate system check for installation qualification (IQ) and operational qualification (OQ).

The following key reader parameters are verified according to pass/fail criteria

  • Accuracy
  • Precision
  • Linearity
  • Plate carrier alignment
  • Positioning check of standard filters


Infinite® F50 和 Infinite F50 Robotic 酶标仪是 Tecan 可靠、经过验证且结构紧凑的光吸收酶标仪家族的一员,可用于 ELISA 实验。利用新型 8 通道光吸收和 LED 技术,他们能快速准确地提供光度测量。

Application Notes

Evaluation of Tecan’s Infinite F50 plate reader for fast photometric measurements of saliva samples using the Greiner Bio-One Saliva Quantification Kit.

Use of the HydroSpeed™ plate washer and Infinite F50 absorbance plate reader for fast and efficient washing and absorbance reading of an ELISA.

Detection mode   Absorbance
Light source   LED, self-calibrating
Photodetector   Silicon photodiodes
Plate type   96-well microplates
(including strip-well microplates)
Shaking   Linear shaking in four different modes
Interface   USB
Measurement modes   Endpoint, kinetic and multilabel
Measurement channels   8
Reference channel   1
Measurement range   0-4 OD
Resolution   0.0001 OD
Wavelength range   400-750 nm
Wavelength selection   Up to eight filters on wheel
0.000-2.000 OD   ≤(0.5 % + 0.010 OD) typical*
2.000-3.000 OD   ≤(1 % + 0.010 OD) typical*
0.000-2.000 OD   ≤(0.5 % + 0.005 OD)
2.000-3.000 OD   ≤(1 % + 0.005 OD)
0.000-2.000 OD   ≤ 1.0 %                          
2.000-3.000 OD   ≤ 1.5 %